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The Cookbook

There are hundreds of wonderful vegan cookbooks out there, but in my opinion very few of them cater to young vegan families - that's something I wanted to change. 

This recipe book has over 50 tried and tested, delicious - yet simple recipes that everyone in your family will enjoy. I take my knowledge from years in a professional kitchen environment and share it with you to help you save time, reduce waste and above all else make delectable food without fancy ingredients. 

The book was available initially only in print, but can now be purchased worldwide in it's digital format, exclusively on this site.  


Cookbook Anchor
Green Goodness

50+ Full Colour Photos

by Jimmy Coakley and Anya Massey

I teamed up with local photographer couple Jimmy and Anya to make sure that we took the high quality photos the food in this cookbook deserved. We've all been there, and know, that you're far more likely to want to cook something if you can see the final result. Likewise I'm extremely excited to see your own creations, be sure to tag them with #HampshireVegan on instagram and I'll check each and every one of them out. 

Green Goodness

Simple, Tasty, Frugal

Recipes that don't take hours, or break the bank.

Nobody wants to flick through a recipe book, find something that looks delicious only to end up on google trying to find out what psyllium husk, quinoa or agar is. I've made sure that absolutely every ingredient in this cookbook can be found in all major supermarkets, local shops and health food stores. I also aim to reduce the amount of time you spend cooking so you can spend more time eating your delicious creations and sharing them with your family! 


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