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Weddings & Event Catering

Searching for the perfect food for your special day, look no further. We can make you absolutely anything you desire - entirely plant-based, with no compromise on quality or flavour. Lighten your environmental impact, impress and inspire your guests.

Availability 2024

17th of May - Rebekah Burn Yoga Day Retreat

31st of May 2024 - Wedding of L & B Buchanan

1st June - Dan's Afternoon Tea, Chrissy's Birthday Buffet

8th June - Provisional Christening Booking
14th, 15th & 16th of June - Paula Yoga Retreat

22nd June, Andrea's Wellness Retreat and Sarah's Birthday Buffet

27th of June - Wedding of Nicky and Mark 
29th of June - Wedding of Bex and George


6th July 80th Birthday Celebration Part 1

13th July - Emma Fine Dining Birthday Event

20th July 80th Birthday Celebration Part 2
28th of July - Wedding of R & X May


27th, 28th & 29th of September, Stoughton Yoga Retreat

5th October 2024 - Wedding of Jemma and Lorelei

12th of October - Provisional Booking Wedding of K & N

19th of October - Provisional Booking Handfasting L & R

29th November, 1st December Tulip and Basil Retreat,
Provisional Booking

++ Good Availability other than the above dates ++


Hampshire Vegan Catering


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Please note that we no longer take bookings for over 60 guests, in order to provide you with the top quality service you'd expect from us. 

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